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Temperatures V. Lesung / Reading (Online) Cecilia Pavón – My own Temporary Autonomous Zone
Tuesday, 29. June 2021, 7:00 PM

Temperatures is a cooperative year-long program of events including talks, readings, concerts, and performances expanding the digital space within the existing infrastructures of the three institutions. 

The fifth event, My own Temporary Autonomous Zone, on Tuesday, 29 June at 7 pm, takes the form of a reading with poet and writer Cecilia Pavón.

Cecilia Pavón will be reading a selection from her recent collection of short stories Little Joys published by semiotext(e) in 2021. Pavón’s narratives move between Berlin and Buenos Aires from the 1990s onwards where they set the pleasures of every-day life against the sneaking anxiety of economic crisis. The characters in Little Joys often live in and around art – they happen to be artists, writers, thinkers and curators – yet Pavón writes about their existence ‘unpoetically’. Seemingly mundane stories are recast by the complexity of the emotions of those that experience them, centring the intimate lives of Pavón’s figures against everything else.

Cecilia Pavón lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her publications include Un hotel con mi nombre (A Hotel With My Name), 27 poemas con nombres de persona (2010), the ebook Once Sur (2012), and the short stories Los sueños no tienen copyright (2010) and Pequeño recuento sobre mis faltas (2015). The poetry collections A Hotel With My Name (2015) and Licorice Candies (2016) have been translated into English.

The reading will be in English; it is accessible for free without registration via the following link: us02web.zoom.us/j/82276764306