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Strategien der Aufstandsbekämpfung.
Antiimperialistische Kunst in Baden-Württemberg

Thursday, 24. January 2019, 7:00 PM

Book launch, Vorträge und Screening
19 Uhr

Due to a parallel event at the Milchhof location, seating is limited. The event will be held in German language.

As long as it is not self-evident what is at stake when it “comes to art”, one arrives at the question of the standards and criteria of “art” only through the fundamental problem of understanding, which is not restricted to the artistic field itself. How the transmission of meaning, perhaps even of messages, or of a feeling, is possible, would be an epistemological question. A question that every practice would have to solve or exceed. Strategies of Counterinsurgency is an ongoing project that seeks to confront artistic practice with the instrumental notion of images from the fields of advertising, propaganda, and diagrammatics without in turn attempting to take a representative, illustrative, or didactic approach.

The Kunstverein Nürnberg is pleased to host a book launch with lectures and a screening. In the summer of 2018, the book Strategies of Counterinsurgency. Anti-Imperialist Art in Baden-Württemberg was published within the scope of an exhibition of the same name at the Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen. The show which was curated by Fabian Ginsberg presented contributions by Michael Franz, Ina Johanna Götte, and Matthias Hesselbacher; the book includes texts by Fabian Ginsberg, Franziska Ipfelkofer, Lena Reich, and Nisaar Ulama. Fabian Ginsberg will present the project to continue the initial discussion. In his lecture, the philosopher Nisaar Ulama will expand the complex topic by taking questions of constructivism and biopolitics into consideration. Artist Michael Franz reworked a video piece that was part of the initial exhibition which broaches the topic of its own origin and context while combining these elements with theoretical reflexions.

Fabian Ginsberg: Strategien der Aufstandsbekämpfung
Nisaar Ulama: Aufklärung durch Sichtbarmachung. Politische Konstruktivismen 1680, 1930 und heute 

Michael Franz: Group / Mistake (Stream), 2018/19, digital video, 20 min, loop